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Finding the right professional cleaner for your home or business can be hectic, with so much going on in the world today you want to find a cleaner that is not just convenient but a company that takes pride in their service. Having a clean home not only assist in relieving some stress but it also helps us live healthier, more efficient lives. Fortunately, finding a cleaner to help manage and maintain your home or place of business is easier than before.  It is easier to find a cleaner online with good reviews with convenient online booking, however it must be said that all cleaners are not made the same. Giving a company a call that has online booking and great reviews is a great way to feel out your potential cleaner before you hire them.  Before you call anyone, it is important to know what you are looking for so you can determine the best professional cleaning service near you.

What You Need in a Cleaning Service

Before contacting any cleaning service in Chicago, ensure that you have an idea about your cleaning needs, identify what areas in you home you want your cleaner to focus on. It’s important that you know what you want so you can maximize your cleaning experience. There is not a clear-cut list of what every cleaner does, however more professional cleaning services typically provide some idea of what they clean. It may seem shocking, but some cleaning companies may not clean floors, others may not vacuum. Its important that you are aware of what you want and the limitations of others. Here at, we pride ourselves on finding out what our customers need so we may provide the most personalized experience possible!

Select the Best House Cleaning Service

Each professional cleaning service is different, there are companies, which is made up of more than one cleaner, some may subcontract others have employees and there are individuals. In chicago, there is a wide variety of cleaning companies to choose from such as Imagine Maids, Sparkly Maids, Maid Pro, and much more. There are pros and cons to both types of services. Individuals can have more competitive prices, offer unique services and can be more personable. Companies with employees or subcontractors, not just individuals, can be more reliable, have more accountability (typically due to stronger online presence) and are easier to find. On the other hand, individual cleaners can have issues with availability, if things are misplaced or broken it may be more difficult to track down a person as opposed to a company with some sort of online reputation. Companies do tend to charge more some companies are so big they do not hire quality cleaners and therefore the reputation online may not reflect the quality you actually receive. There are a lot of nuances about each that extend far beyond what is listed, the point is you want to find a professional cleaning service that matches your availability and needs.

Research the Best Residential Cleaning Service

Don’t panic, this part can seem overwhelming, mostly because things like reviews tell only a part of the story. If you plan to have recurring services, it is even more imperative that you find a professional cleaning service that you can talk to. Sometimes things happen, when they do, its important to be able to quickly resolve it. Nothing is perfect and sometimes you don’t find out how good of a company you have until something arises, like a scheduling conflict or a broken item. Lower quality cleaners may not mention it to you if it is small enough, where great cleaners will make sure you are aware of everything no matter how big or small the issue may be. You want a professional cleaning service that prides itself on providing not just the best cleaning, but the most personable and accommodating service you can find.

Getting House Cleaning Rates

One time cleans are more expensive than recurring services. If you have not had service for a while and you intend on having recurring services, your first cleaning should be a deep clean. It is more expensive than a standard clean however it addresses areas that recurring services typically don’t. Some companies offer discounts for recurring services, however if you only need a one-time clean, depending on the company or day of the week you want the cleaning, you may find different discounts for certain days. We offer 20% off bookings on Mondays and Tuesdays because they typically are slower than the weekend. Discounts and referrals can help reduce the price of a higher priced, better quality cleaning service.  Rates vary depending on the how many bathrooms, bedrooms, potentially the size of your home. Each cleaning company is different so its important that you understand what your being charged for to ensure your cleaning needs are met.

We would love to assist you with all your cleaning needs at an affordable rates. So, feel free to contact us at to get your cleaning estimate today!S

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