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Our Cleaning Packages

Standard Cleaning

This package includes just the basics needed to maintain your home. If your home has been professionally cleaned in the past 3 months, this is the package for you.

Deep Cleaning

This package is intended for first-time customers or homes that haven’t been professionally cleaned in the past 3 months. Our deep cleaning service allows extra time and includes additional tasks so that we can focus on those often overlooked and neglected areas and bring your home up to a professional standard.

Move Out Cleaning

This package is intended for homes which will be free of all furniture and boxes. It includes additional tasks needed to prepare a home for its next occupants, such as cleaning inside your fridge and oven.

Apartment Cleaning

This package is intended for people living in apartments but who still require help keeping their home clean. It includes basic tasks needed to maintain a typical apartment.

Airbnb and Vacation Rental Cleaning

This package has been designed to help vacation rental owners clean a property between guest check out and check in. It includes hotel-style cleaning and restocking of essential items such as toiletries.

Office Cleaning

This package is perfect for small business owners who need their offices cleaned regularly. Instead of requiring employees to clean, allow us to handle it. We’ll make sure all workspaces are sanitized and healthy so that you, your employees, and your customers can feel safe at work.

Post-Construction Cleaning

This service is intended for people who have recently remodeled or built a new home. We’ll remove leftover construction dust and debris to make sure that your new space is habitable and safe.

Green Cleaning

This service has been designed for our environmentally conscious customers who are concerned about the impact of harsh cleaning chemicals. With our green cleaning, we provide organic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies so that you can be sure your cleaning aligns with your principles.

Home Organization Services

This service is designed to help customers who are struggling to declutter and organize the mess in their homes. We’ll help you sort through your things and implement sustainable storage systems to keep your home neat and tidy long after we’ve left.

After-Event Cleaning

This service is perfect for someone who has an event, such as a baby shower, wedding, or other celebration, and will need help cleaning the venue afterward. We’ll tackle the food and beverage spills, clean dishware, and vacuum and mop the floors until the venue is like new.

De-Cluttering Services

Best for clients who need more than just a general clean but instead decluttering, folding, and organizing items in the house.

Excessive Pet Hair Removal

Perfect for clients who have pets and deal with excessive pet hair thorughout the home.

Our Two Pricing Models

At Ambition Cleaning, we offer two different pricing models designed to suit the unique needs of every home.

Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

Our flat rate packages offer an upfront price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. Each package includes a standardized cleaning checklist that ensures consistent results and allows you to see what tasks are included. These packages assume that your home is of average size and is at or above a normal standard of cleanliness. If your home is deemed to be abnormally large or below the usual standard of cleanliness, a requote may be necessary upon arrival.

Hourly Cleaning Services

If you feel that your home may needs more customized cleaning services, you can opt for our hourly cleaning. These services do not include a standardized packing list and are not limited to a specific set of tasks. Instead, you select the number of hours, tell us where and what to clean, and our cleaners will work until the time is up.

Optional Add-Ons

If you’d like to book a flat rate package but you know your home needs some additional tasks, you can select one of our optional add-ons for an additional cost.

Services We Don’t Provide

Although we always try our hardest to accommodate special requests, there are some services which we are unable to provide for health and safety reasons.

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